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Mary Mack's Instant Batter & Koating Mix
Suitable for domestic cooking, restaurants and fast food outlets.

Instant Batter

Koating Mix


Available in 150gm sachets, 10kg, 15kg and 25kg Food Service


  • It’s economical to use...
  • The batter is easy to use. Simply add water for a perfect batter every time. The desired consistency can be changed by varying the amount of water.
  • Beer or soda water may be used instead of water.
  • Ideal for all battering needs making great seafood, banana, pineapple nuggets, dagwood dogs or use with chicken, pork or vegetables such as potato scallops.
  • There is no need to add eggs or milk when using as a batter.
  • You do not have to beat out lumps or let the batter stand for any length of time before use.
  • Batter can be made up in half or smaller quantities if required.
  • Batter has a long shelf life and keeps well.
  • Mary Mack’s Instant Batter shortens work time required for Chinese cooking when the recipe calls for food using battered chicken or pork.
  • Use as a food extender to make a small amount of food go further.
  • Batter can be made as thick or thin as you like.
  • Ideal for making all kinds of fritters and ideal for seafood, chicken, pork and vegetables.
  • You can do all your deep and shallow frying in the one batter in the one oil. There is no transfer of taste between products; eg. you can batter and deep fry your fish, then in the same batter and in the same oil, you can make banana nuggets. There will be no transfer of taste.
  • Can be used as a breadcrumb base, instead of having to use eggs and milk, just mix up a small quantity of Mary Mack’s Instant Batter.
  • Alternative - use as a pancake mix where eggs and milk are added.


Available in 80gm Retail and 2kg Food Service


  • It’s economical to use...
  • The method of preparing food is extremely simple, requiring only moistening of the food with water, rolling in the Koating Mix or shaking in a bag.
  • Ideal for shallow, deep frying or baking.
  • Tasty specially formulated mixture to use on all your favourite foods such as seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables, or potato wedges.
  • If dieting, the prepared food can be placed on a baking sheet and sprayed with cooking oil to reduce kilojoule intake.
  • The end result is always a very pleasant enhanced flavour.
  • 80gms Mary Mack’s Koating Mix covers approximately 2 kgs of product.



Just Add Water - No Mess - No Fuss

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