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Some 30 years ago Mary and John McCormick opened a fish and chip shop in Innisfail. Despite efforts to succeed, it became very obvious that to become viable they had to provide the public with something which would set them apart from the other shops in the town or the venture would fail.

From these humble beginnings grew the need to become different and, after much trial and error, the concept of creating a quality easy-to-mix ready made batter emerged.

Instant BatterThe ability to produce a batter mix by just adding water to a formulation was achieved. Their batter allowed a uniform product and this became the vital difference in attracting customers. Mary and John were on the market.

As time went by the market realised that the McCormicks had something unique and an approach from a local supermarket to package a retail product in small amounts set Mary and John off down another path. Soon the fish and chip shop was sold and the supply and packaging for the retail and food service trade both locally and in other parts of Australia became the main activity. Much of this expansion was the result of word of mouth as the product became more widely known.

Since these early days the demand has increased considerably and now the product which is sold under the registered Trade Mark of “Mary Mack’s Instant Batter” can be found on the shelves throughout the Australian Supermarket outlets as well as a growing number of overseas countries.

Unfortunately John did not live to see the realisation of his dream and since 1984 Mary has battled on to reach today’s marketing success.

Mary McCormick Pty Ltd is a 100% owned private Company and the product uses 99% Australian grown ingredients. The product contains no preservatives, no artificial colourings or flavourings and is suitable for many uses domestically and for restaurants or fast food outlets.

Koating MixFollowing the success of the batter, Mary McCormick Pty Ltd produced a second quality product - Mary Mack’s Koating Mix.

An opportunity was evident in the market for a universal coating. Mary Mack’s Koating Mix is a very simple multi-purpose Koating Mix which can be used on all types of seafood, meat, chicken and vegetables to create an enhanced taste.

Due to increased demand for the products, both nationally and internationally, a purpose built factory, distribution and marketing office was setup. It now handles all manufacture, marketing and distribution of Mary Mack's products to the supermarkets, food service and export trade. Mary supplies the base ingredients and continues to manufacture for the local North Queensland market.

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